I know you all know this, but in the future, the cloud will be where most of the computing will be done.

Really, with the speed of software change that we demand these days, that’s the only efficient place to do computing going forward.

That means most of our data will be stored in the cloud by default whether we like it or not.

Obviously, at the far end of this spectrum, this is getting into Orwellian territory and a bit on the heavy-side when you think about the implications.

With all the histrionics the government goes through make us feel they are protecting us, our lives are becoming less and less private and more transparent.

We want to think our data is so safe and secure, with firewalls and the like, but how do we know? We sometimes learn that an employee at Google or similar is peeking in at someone’s data, but how about all the others who aren’t caught? If one guy is misbehaving with customer’s data, certainly others are, too.

With all the little bots traipsing around our data, how can we for sure tell if they aren’t already carrying away some of our data because we didn’t check a box somewhere telling them not to.

5 years ago, all of our software and files were stored on OUR local equipment. Now, more and more, the software and even our data are domiciled on someone else’s server.

Take Gmail for example – I don’t use it yet for my primary internet interface but I just downloaded Google’s app to migrate my emails to back them up.

My files are backed up at several online backup companies, my emails are again backed up at Google! If my experience provides any societal vector for this trend, before long we are all going to be primarily operating in the cloud, not on our computers.

Computers in the future will be a portal – or a pipeline only – to the internet, where the real computing will be done.

In that world, we won’t need a backup copy of the data stored remotely, we will need a backup copy at our home!

Think about the implications of that for a minute.

Online backup of our data with companies like Mozy and Live Drive are a great solution for now, but sometime in the not too distant future, storing at home may be the “remote” location for our data!

If that’s true, I pity poor Microsoft.


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