Where’s all this going, this “cloud” computing?

And, what exactly is it?

“Cloud computing” or, computing and archiving using application at remote computers, has been around sometime now – but only becoming mainstream of late.

With people trusting the internet more and more to handle everyday transactions, the market for cloud-based services is starting to explode.

In a recent study I saw, there will be more smartphones interfacing with the internet than computers by 2016.

That’s earthshaking…think about the marketing implications of round the clock marketing access.

When people only had desktop computers to access the internet, businesses could only approach customers when they were at home.

Then, with people carrying their laptops into coffee shops and fast food restaurants, marketers could access potential clients during the work day, too.

When everyone gets a smartphone and gets online mobility, the market changes to our night-time and weekends to 24/7/365.

People can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Now that people’s software apps are living in the cloud, what will the government do to regulate spam?

While that would be nice to have a national “do not email me” list, the internet can’t be policed as easily as phone calls. Emails can originate from anywhere on the globe but the long arm of our government doesn’t necessarily reach that far.

How will the “push” aspect of online marketing change as a result of smartphones increasing like bunnies?

What will new 2016-esque smartphones look like? My Iphone’s screen is too small to see the internet, but I am not looking forward to carrying around an Ipad.

Very exciting times ahead…I want to explore the implications of 24 hour a day marketing ubiquity via smartphones in future posts, so stay with me!


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  1. Mike on September 15th, 2010 12:13 am

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  2. Roger on September 15th, 2010 4:19 am

    Thank you for the comment Mike…online backup is picking up unbelievable momentum.

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