Online storage companies all seem to look the same on paper…As my dad used to say, 6 of 1 = half a dozen of the other.

I suggest skimming this article fast and jumping to the bottom to find the punchline.

Quick Overview…
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There are several companies that offer online backup services today. A simple Internet search will reveal there are thousands of providers that want your business. However, not all of these companies are equal. Here are some pointers for comparing online backup services, so you can choose the right one for you needs.

Where Is Your Data Stored?

One of the first questions you’ll want to ask is where your data will be stored. Most companies will store your data at a remote server. If you are worried that your data may be hijacked during the transfer, you can rest assured that these companies use secure servers for the transfer, as well.
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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never have to worry about the files, pictures, music, and financial records that are stored on your computer? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Hard drive crashes, fires, floods, and thieves are all possibilities. In fact, the latest report by Google states that 1 out of every 12 new computers will experience a hard drive failure within the first two years. You certainly don’t want to own the one that crashes.
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