Q. What is online backup?

A. It’s really very simple. Online backup is the process of storing all of your hard drive files, such as pictures, music, databases and important documents by using a backup services on the Internet.

Q. Why do I need this type of storage option?

A. Online backup solutions are one of the most simple and economical ways to protect all of your important files. There are a number of things that can happen to your computer – it may be stolen, the hard drive may crash or you could erase information on accident. Online backup gives you access to all your lost information.

Q. What are the chances that my hard drive will fail?

A. Unfortunately, one out of every 12 computers crash within the first two years! If this happens to you and you don’t have a backup service, then all your files and information is gone. It is very expensive to try to restore crashed hard drives and it’s not always successful. There are simply too many things that can cause loss of data.

Q. Does my computer need to be turned on for this to work?

A. Yes and you must be connected to the Internet. Most of the online backup providers today are automated, which means you can still work on other things on your computer. It only takes a few moments to save all your date online. If you like, you can do it right before you shut off the computer for the day.

Q. What is cloud storage?

While your computer files are usually stored on a hard drive – something you can see and feel – a reference to “cloud storage” means your files are stored online. However, they are also stored on the service’s server and not just floating around on the Internet.

Q. How do I retrieve my data if it’s lost?

A. It depends on the online backup provider you choose. Some offer the convenience of simply logging onto their site and downloading what you need. Others may need to copy your files to a disc and mail them to you. For those will large numbers of files, the download make take quite awhile. You may be better off getting discs that contain your information.


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