How is online backup software like a mirror?

1. Data backup software only reflects what you have in your system today – if you happen to delete a file the software assumes you don’t want to keep even previous versions you’ve saved.

2. Most data backup software will only store your information for 30 days after you stop paying your bill, so it can disappear quickly.

3. Also, most software doesn’t copy everything on your hard drive like most of us thinks it does – so, with files larger than 2 GB for example, they won’t get copied unless you alert the backup company to copy it specifically.

So, it is best to think of it like a mirror – a reflection only of most of the information you have on your hard drive that can vanish quickly.

Take away – check to make sure that your service is backing up what you think it is!

Online storage companies all seem to look the same on paper…As my dad used to say, 6 of 1 = half a dozen of the other.

I suggest skimming this article fast and jumping to the bottom to find the punchline.

Quick Overview…
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Simply put, online fraud is when someone takes your personal information and uses it in ways you didn’t authorize them to.

With the online transactions that we all make these days, it is important to exercise caution to avoid malicious use of our personal information when interacting with businesses and individuals over the internet.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to keep online fraud from happening to you…
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Mozy and Carbonite are companies that offer you excellent protection from loss or accidental deletion of critically important data, files, pictures, etc.

Because these services default to automatic backup, by choosing to backup your data this way, you are eliminating a major area from your life.

Both are old-timers in the online backup industry – Mozy has been around since 2005 and Carbonite, since 2006.

How Mozy and Carbonite are alike:

In many respects, Mozy and Carbonite provide the same product:
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